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ХОЙЕР Транспорт РУС 

HOYER – Full range of bulk logistics services worldwide


HOYER is worldwide logistics supplier, offering a full range of services in road, rail as well as sea transportation of bulk products. High safety standards as well as reliable long-lasting partnership with our clients are our secret of successful performance over the years.

Our main activity is – handling fuels, liquid chemical products, oil industry products and foodstuff as well as liquefied gases around Europe and overseas. To ensure the high-quality service to its clients HOYER has subsidiaries and agents in 87 countries worldwide.

HOYER Petrolog offers its customers end-to-end order fulfillment for the transportation of petroleum products - from order planning to inventory monitoring, loading and transportation to delivery. By offering full service, HOYER enables its customers to outsource specific business functions. The focus is on flexible and cost-efficient solutions.

In order to expand business, HOYER GmbH set up a subsidiary in Russia. Our main responsibility in Europe and around the world is first-class service – the same high standards apply in Russia. As part of the project the company invested in development of its own petrol fuel fleet. For fuel deliveries HOYER Petrolog deploys the latest tank trailers with up to eight chambers. The multi-chamber system enables diesel and gasoline to be carried at the same time. Only light-weight road tankers are deployed to make transportation more economical. Technically, tank trailers are equipped with intelligent positioning systems and a variety unloading options.